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I’ll have to admit I became a “Social Media” Believer. Two years ago, I made the decision to sacrifice a (9 to 5) to become an instant “One Hit Wonder” aka @PuffQueenKayla666 . I started this mission to build a solid foundation for my children’s future and in the end ….. well let’s just say I had to create a new path to fund this mission.

I believed what I seen on social media !!! I felt that I was apart of their lives on a daily basis, only to find out … it was all in my mind. Click,  click , like , like  and comments, don’t forget to shares ….. # , #, and Hashtags ….. Hours a days just to get about 1,000 followers. I had consumed value time on an illusion.  I was looking for life without a real map and now as I write this,  I see life is what you make it but there are prices to pay in order to be seen.

……….. mental break .


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