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My Resumé

…. Student at Sacramento City College , Cosumnes River College and American River College . Teacher Aide in the Child Development Centers. To later become a Head Teacher at Kid’s World Learning Centers and at Poppy Patch Child Care… $10.71hr no benefits with two kids of my own ….. Mental Breakdown !!!!

Got a J.O.B ( just over broke) at Dollar Tree and became a cannabis model. Events and Networking opportunities , created the #Artist #PuffQueenKayla666.  #BossUpChallenge, #Runmemymoney, #RunmemymoneyRemix , make a dream happen and #Pufftro . Performed at Idle Hour in Sacramento and at Fuego Fest 2018.

Now I braid hair ….. what’s next?! #Janeofalltrades

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Sickness Vent

I am appreciative of the 14 Followers, I have to Vent tonight.  My youngest is sick !!! She didn’t need to be, It was another message for me to clean our space . The energy overlapped and my child is paying the price . As an adult, if you are sick … Stay away from children and the elderly . I had an associate over that was sick!!! He knew he was sick. Had I known, I would have simply cancelled the visit because I for one don’t want another’s sickness nor do I want my children sick. Its too late. She has the fever , stuffy nose, watery eyes and cough. Although, it may be a common cold, when my children are sick …. my world stops to care for them. I had a meeting today and had to come home due to her cold . I was assisting @Motherlandcollections with her Blowout Sale. I make sacrifices for my kids easily but I am upset because the adult should of had more respect for my household and this is how the relationship ends. I don’t play with my kids life. There are all kinds of elements I protect my children from on a daily basis and this situation got me on my toes. It’s unnecessary b.s. like this that make having children, stressful. I’ll take the time to nurse her back to health , then myself then my oldest… each time same thing,  please protect your children.  Wash hands, Teach about cleanliness and hygiene . Keep negative away and if someone is Sneezing and Coughing. … get away!!!

If you are feverish, sneezing and Coughing stay away from Children and the elderly people . Wash hands (not sanitizer) and dry. Cover mouth and keep away from others .


#Livid #PuffQueenKayla666



Thank you for following me “12” , I feel much more confident now about blogging. I am #PuffQueenKayla666, unique name I know.  It is who I am and whom I shall grow to be. Alter egos exist and once embraced, the passion for life brews. I am Everything,  sounds self centered but it’s how I live my life …. Solo, independent even if the room is filled.


I took some time to read up on how blogs work and how to set them up for Success, to translate my life and thoughts… I told myself to be consistent. Hahahahha we’ll see.

I just wanted to connect with others and learn. Thank you for letting me know I’m not invisible.  I am a hidden treasure, a very good soul. And very happy and dancing with the stars are Truth. Goodnight

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I’ll have to admit I became a “Social Media” Believer. Two years ago, I made the decision to sacrifice a (9 to 5) to become an instant “One Hit Wonder” aka @PuffQueenKayla666 . I started this mission to build a solid foundation for my children’s future and in the end ….. well let’s just say I had to create a new path to fund this mission.

I believed what I seen on social media !!! I felt that I was apart of their lives on a daily basis, only to find out … it was all in my mind. Click,  click , like , like  and comments, don’t forget to shares ….. # , #, and Hashtags ….. Hours a days just to get about 1,000 followers. I had consumed value time on an illusion.  I was looking for life without a real map and now as I write this,  I see life is what you make it but there are prices to pay in order to be seen.

……….. mental break .

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I created this blog to get a better understanding of Life. I wanted to connect with others and learn some Truths . I feel invisible at times, please understand. Being solo; day to day, consists of the basic routines in which I must make up as I go . I am grateful and thankful for each bliss I receive in life, but there has to be more. I understand my weakness “anxiety ” and limitation “transportation”  as the root to lack of growth honestly . I have been in this city since 1985, I am history and all I want to do is live successfully, raising kids solo. I’ve created history by producing life and by raising socially competent adults . I am a 80s baby, usually that’s all I have to say and people would understand . Times have changed, no matter how we try to overlook the Reality; it’s time to embrace the Reality.  We have the choice as people to make it better or to allow our world just to die off.

**** I wish I had a desk top computer or even a laptop, typing on this tablet is annoying at times . 

I’ve had the career, I’ve had the husband and the children.  I’m raising them alone …..

#PuffQueenKayla666 IExsist







“Many Titles”

Daughter, Granddaughter, Sister, Niece, Student, Cousin,  Employee, Recipient, Auntie, Voter, Lover, Consumer, Model, Girlfriend, Bisexual, Lesbian, Mother, Wife, Teacher, Co Worker, Artist, Slut, Cunt, Bitch, Cold Hearted …. Braider.

Titles are Birthed, Given, Earned…. and Choice……

When will I have the “Title” of Being My”Self” .



Anti – social

1:51am: I just got done posting more transformations of my creative process on Instagram @Natural_Selection6 I’ve received so many “likes” but no support posting or tagging their followers. I suppprt people more than they support me. It seems the “Good” souls must suffer , while all the rest lie, steal and cheat. What game do you play to win? I’m just a mother trying to support her family without asking for a handout. I take pride in working and supporting my responsibilities . My days as a Preschool Teacher are over , I’m on a mission to build a solid foundation for my children’s future.