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I am appreciative of the 14 Followers, I have to Vent tonight.  My youngest is sick !!! She didn’t need to be, It was another message for me to clean our space . The energy overlapped and my child is paying the price . As an adult, if you are sick … Stay away from children and the elderly . I had an associate over that was sick!!! He knew he was sick. Had I known, I would have simply cancelled the visit because I for one don’t want another’s sickness nor do I want my children sick. Its too late. She has the fever , stuffy nose, watery eyes and cough. Although, it may be a common cold, when my children are sick …. my world stops to care for them. I had a meeting today and had to come home due to her cold . I was assisting @Motherlandcollections with her Blowout Sale. I make sacrifices for my kids easily but I am upset because the adult should of had more respect for my household and this is how the relationship ends. I don’t play with my kids life. There are all kinds of elements I protect my children from on a daily basis and this situation got me on my toes. It’s unnecessary b.s. like this that make having children, stressful. I’ll take the time to nurse her back to health , then myself then my oldest… each time same thing,  please protect your children.  Wash hands, Teach about cleanliness and hygiene . Keep negative away and if someone is Sneezing and Coughing. … get away!!!

If you are feverish, sneezing and Coughing stay away from Children and the elderly people . Wash hands (not sanitizer) and dry. Cover mouth and keep away from others .


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Thank you for following me “12” , I feel much more confident now about blogging. I am #PuffQueenKayla666, unique name I know.  It is who I am and whom I shall grow to be. Alter egos exist and once embraced, the passion for life brews. I am Everything,  sounds self centered but it’s how I live my life …. Solo, independent even if the room is filled.


I took some time to read up on how blogs work and how to set them up for Success, to translate my life and thoughts… I told myself to be consistent. Hahahahha we’ll see.

I just wanted to connect with others and learn. Thank you for letting me know I’m not invisible.  I am a hidden treasure, a very good soul. And very happy and dancing with the stars are Truth. Goodnight

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I’ll have to admit I became a “Social Media” Believer. Two years ago, I made the decision to sacrifice a (9 to 5) to become an instant “One Hit Wonder” aka @PuffQueenKayla666 . I started this mission to build a solid foundation for my children’s future and in the end ….. well let’s just say I had to create a new path to fund this mission.

I believed what I seen on social media !!! I felt that I was apart of their lives on a daily basis, only to find out … it was all in my mind. Click,  click , like , like  and comments, don’t forget to shares ….. # , #, and Hashtags ….. Hours a days just to get about 1,000 followers. I had consumed value time on an illusion.  I was looking for life without a real map and now as I write this,  I see life is what you make it but there are prices to pay in order to be seen.

……….. mental break .

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I created this blog to get a better understanding of Life. I wanted to connect with others and learn some Truths . I feel invisible at times, please understand. Being solo; day to day, consists of the basic routines in which I must make up as I go . I am grateful and thankful for each bliss I receive in life, but there has to be more. I understand my weakness “anxiety ” and limitation “transportation”  as the root to lack of growth honestly . I have been in this city since 1985, I am history and all I want to do is live successfully, raising kids solo. I’ve created history by producing life and by raising socially competent adults . I am a 80s baby, usually that’s all I have to say and people would understand . Times have changed, no matter how we try to overlook the Reality; it’s time to embrace the Reality.  We have the choice as people to make it better or to allow our world just to die off.

**** I wish I had a desk top computer or even a laptop, typing on this tablet is annoying at times . 

I’ve had the career, I’ve had the husband and the children.  I’m raising them alone …..

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