Thank you for following me “12” , I feel much more confident now about blogging. I am #PuffQueenKayla666, unique name I know.  It is who I am and whom I shall grow to be. Alter egos exist and once embraced, the passion for life brews. I am Everything,  sounds self centered but it’s how I live my life …. Solo, independent even if the room is filled.


I took some time to read up on how blogs work and how to set them up for Success, to translate my life and thoughts… I told myself to be consistent. Hahahahha we’ll see.

I just wanted to connect with others and learn. Thank you for letting me know I’m not invisible.  I am a hidden treasure, a very good soul. And very happy and dancing with the stars are Truth. Goodnight

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I’ll have to admit I became a “Social Media” Believer. Two years ago, I made the decision to sacrifice a (9 to 5) to become an instant “One Hit Wonder” aka @PuffQueenKayla666 . I started this mission to build a solid foundation for my children’s future and in the end ….. well let’s just say I had to create a new path to fund this mission.

I believed what I seen on social media !!! I felt that I was apart of their lives on a daily basis, only to find out … it was all in my mind. Click,  click , like , like  and comments, don’t forget to shares ….. # , #, and Hashtags ….. Hours a days just to get about 1,000 followers. I had consumed value time on an illusion.  I was looking for life without a real map and now as I write this,  I see life is what you make it but there are prices to pay in order to be seen.

……….. mental break .


Why do Good Girls like Bad Guys?

There was a time in life where I was a carefree spirt. I enjoyed every aspect of life and mingled with all walks of life. My adventures were limited to the Sacramento Area.

After pain, abuse and heartache I’ve chosen to stand alone. #3years single , I , may have attempted to date and attach myself to another after 9years of marriage  but in the end it’s all the same, lack of loyalty and trust, no self pride. Women and men are a Dependent Drainage.

I have a chance to live life once again with someone who is stable and loving but my pain will not allow me to accept it.  After years of dealing with broke , lazy, abusive relationships why can’t I embrace this new chance at something Real?!