Sickness Vent

I am appreciative of the 14 Followers, I have to Vent tonight.  My youngest is sick !!! She didn’t need to be, It was another message for me to clean our space . The energy overlapped and my child is paying the price . As an adult, if you are sick … Stay away from children and the elderly . I had an associate over that was sick!!! He knew he was sick. Had I known, I would have simply cancelled the visit because I for one don’t want another’s sickness nor do I want my children sick. Its too late. She has the fever , stuffy nose, watery eyes and cough. Although, it may be a common cold, when my children are sick …. my world stops to care for them. I had a meeting today and had to come home due to her cold . I was assisting @Motherlandcollections with her Blowout Sale. I make sacrifices for my kids easily but I am upset because the adult should of had more respect for my household and this is how the relationship ends. I don’t play with my kids life. There are all kinds of elements I protect my children from on a daily basis and this situation got me on my toes. It’s unnecessary b.s. like this that make having children, stressful. I’ll take the time to nurse her back to health , then myself then my oldest… each time same thing,  please protect your children.  Wash hands, Teach about cleanliness and hygiene . Keep negative away and if someone is Sneezing and Coughing. … get away!!!

If you are feverish, sneezing and Coughing stay away from Children and the elderly people . Wash hands (not sanitizer) and dry. Cover mouth and keep away from others .


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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! If you enjoy daily thoughts and more, please let me know I’m not invisible and Follow me. I am new to this social world but I’m learning,  that’s what my life seems to be about . I’m a Pure Breed Leo and I embrace both sides of LIFE. I’m here to take care of my responsibility and build a solid foundation for my Family. No one is going to build a Successful Path for me, but the Decisions I make. #PuffQueenKayla666

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton