Why do Good Girls like Bad Guys?

There was a time in life where I was a carefree spirt. I enjoyed every aspect of life and mingled with all walks of life. My adventures were limited to the Sacramento Area.

After pain, abuse and heartache I’ve chosen to stand alone. #3years single , I , may have attempted to date and attach myself to another after 9years of marriage¬† but in the end it’s all the same, lack of loyalty and trust, no self pride. Women and men are a Dependent Drainage.

I have a chance to live life once again with someone who is stable and loving but my pain will not allow me to accept it.¬† After years of dealing with broke , lazy, abusive relationships why can’t I embrace this new chance at something Real?!



My Story

Can you hear me?



Comments are a form of communication.¬† Let me know what your interest are. Where are you from? What’s your motivation for Life? Are you Allowed to be happy?